Boomerang Bike Bounces Back

A bit late this but I thought I’d mention that the boomerang bike did indeed return after it was stolen for the second time last year!

Stolen bike found locked up in Fisher Square

11 December was the first day of my unusually long Christmas break. I had got into the habit of automatically looking at all the black bikes I passed – there was a fair few of the same model. It was verging on the obsessive. Then that afternoon as I wondered into Fisher Square I saw my bike D-locked to the railings behind the Lion Yard. As usual with stolen bikes, it hadn’t been well looked after in those two months (I wonder how much someone paid for it?) but I could tell it was mine instantly from a distance. The frame number of course matches.

I called 101 (the new police non-emergency number – despite what people say I’ve always found it is answered promptly). A pair of PCSOs in town walked over and when they were satisfied with ownership called a PC to cut the lock (the city rangers not being available). It cut instantly with a quiet ping. It’s no wonder bikes are so readily stolen!

So the lesson is not to give up if the scoundrels have gone for your property! That is 3 returns out of 7 thefts. Not bad, really. Don’t forget to check the online auctioneers, too.

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